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Professional service project of 8.8 m working face pump station of ShenHua

In?August 2017, with?many rounds of fierce competition, our company successfully won the bid for Shenhua

8.8 meters large mining height fully mechanized working face in pumping station professional services.?

This is the world's largest fully mechanized coal mining face. The project is one of the main tasks of China's

2025- energy equipment implementation plan. It will become an important milestone in the history of coal


The research and use of fully mechanized mining equipment in the working face will also have positive demonstration

significance and important popularization value in the coal industry of our country.

The winning bid again laid a good trend in the development of our company's products, and also confirmed

the company's technical strength and customer reputation. Beijing Huahai will provide users with better quality

products and services wholeheartedly, and all staff will work together to create better results under the leadership

of our company.